Swagtron t1 hoverboard review – What makes this hoverboard so special?

Hoverboards are much more than just aesthetics. Instead of doing so, it is a better idea to look at the performance of the hoverboard. Once you do so, choosing the best one becomes easy.

To help you choose between hundreds of hoverboard options, I will today review one of the best hoverboards. I am speaking about the swagtron t1 for sale. I will go into the features, specifications as well as the pros and cons of this hoverboard.

Swagtron t1 hoverboard review:
One thing which you cannot ignore about this hoverboard is that the lights are quite striking. They provide you with proper illumination when you’re using the hoverboard. However, rather than the superficial features, it is essential to look at the other features. I will highlight the same below.

Features of Swagtron t1 hoverboard:

1. Available in 3 color options
2. Suitable for everyone
3. UL certified design
4. High weight carrying capacity
5. Battery indicator on offer
6. Consists of fender bumpers
7. Dual mode use
8. Adequate runtime
9. Comfortable cruising speed
10. Silent operation
11. Dual hub motors

Available in 3 color options:
Many consumers search for options like swagtron t1 pink, swagtron t1 blue. This hoverboard offers 3 color choices. You can choose between black, green, red. You can easily pick this hoverboard in the color which you prefer. That is why it becomes very easy for you to get the color which you like the most.

Suitable for everyone:
Anyone from 18 years to 60 years can choose this hoverboard. That is one of the primary reasons why this hoverboard has become so popular.

If you’re looking for a hoverboard to gift, then too this one meets all the criteria. The excellent compatibility of this hoverboard is one of the main reasons why you should go with it.

UL certified design:
The UL 2272 certified design means that it is electrically safe. You will not have to worry about overcurrent, short circuits, or overvoltage. It is entirely safe to use. You have to focus on the charging. Once the battery is charged, you can go ahead and use it without any worry.

High weight carrying capacity:
One of the main reasons this hoverboard is suitable for everyone is its weight carrying capacity of 220 LBS. That makes it ideal for adults as well as kids.

The battery indicator on offer:
The battery indicator on offer lets you know right away how much better is left. You can plug it in time. Not only that, you can know whether it will cover the distance which you plan to travel or not. You can use it accordingly, or you can charge it. That certainly makes it very convenient to use.

Consists of fender bumpers:
Even when you’re using the hoverboard consistently, it will not undergo a lot of wear and tear. To protect against bumps and shocks, it consists of fender bumpers. The advantage of fender bumpers is that. You will have to worry about case cracking, or the motor gets damaged due to a single bump or a collision. That certainly increases the life span of this hoverboard.

Dual-mode use:
Want to learn how to ride the hoverboard?

Worry not! It consists of a training mode.

If you want to use it usually, you can use it in the normal mode.

The 2 different options ensure that it will become very easy for you to use it as you want.

Moreover, when kids are using it, they can use it in the training mode quite easily. That is much safer and easier to control.

The dual modes on offer make it one of the most versatile hoverboards available.

Adequate runtime:
Without taking a look at the runtime of the hoverboard, choosing one is a mistake. Rather than looking at the color of the hoverboard, you have to look at the runtime.

This one consist of a 60 minute run time. The advantage of 60-minute runtime is that you can cover a reasonably large distance quite easily. That is why it is perfect for moving around the campus or going from one neighborhood to another.

Comfortable cruising speed:
The hoverboard is not too fast, and it is not too slow either. The cruising speed is in the range of 8 mph. That is just about right for local commutation.

Since it is easy to control, you can move around at a comfortable speed without any worry.

Silent operation:
The hoverboard does not make a lot of noise either. Even when you’re moving through a residential neighborhood, you will not disturb anyone. That is one of the highlights of this hoverboard.

Dual hub motors:
The 350 W motor is not only powerful, but it also is quite reliable. That is because it consists of dual hub motors. The dual hub motors indeed introduce some redundancy. They do not break down frequently. That is why this hoverboard has an advantage as compared to others.

I have reviewed a lot of hoverboards in the past as well. To go through those reviews, you can refer to my post on the turquoise hoverboard, buy a white hoverboard cheap online. However, this one is better than them all. That is because of the numerous advantages which this hoverboard has over others.

Before you decide about this hoverboard, go through the specifications, FAQs, and the pros and cons below.

Are Swagtron Hoverboards good?
Yes, because they are undoubtedly reliable and easy-to-use.

Can swagtron t1 work on inclines?
Yes, the hoverboard can handle medium inclines and even uneven terrain.

Does swagtron t1 have bluetooth?
No, the hoverboard does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Does swagtron t1 come with a bag?
No, it doesn’t come with a bag.

How long does swagtron t1 take to charge?
Hoverboard takes 2 hours to charge.

What is the voltage of swagtron t1?
The voltage of this hoverboard is 36 V.

Does swagtron t1 come with a charger?
Yes, this hoverboard comes with a charger.

What material is swagtron t1 made of?
The hoverboard is of plastic and fiberglass material.

Now, I will highlight the specifications and pros and cons.


Max speed: 8+ mph
Max weight carrying capacity: 220 lbs
Motor capacity: 350 w
Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery

Pros & Cons of Swagtron t1 hoverboard


Available in 3 color options
Safe to use
Suitable for adults and kids
Sturdy construction
Dual-mode on offer
Reliable motor
Completely silent
Comfortable speed


Packaging can be better.

Thus, if you’re in 2 minds regarding this hoverboard, I will recommend buying it. It ticks all the right boxes. It is perfect for day to day commutation as well as for moving around the neighborhood.

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