The north face wawona 6 tent review – Is it a reliable tent?

Are you searching for a spacious camping tent?

How about one which can accommodate up to 6 persons?

No, I’m not speaking about a tent that can barely accommodate six persons. I’m talking about one which can comfortably do so. The tent which I am going to highlight today is pretty spacious. The maximum capacity of the tent is of 6 persons.

I will share with you the north face Wawona 6 tent review to help you understand why it is such a good tent. Once you go through the review, you can make an informed decision.

The north face Wawona 6 tent review

The outer structure of the north face wawona 6-person tent certainly stands out. In terms of aesthetics, it is one of the best tents you can go with. I will now go into the features of this tent to help you understand more about it.


1. Suitable for six persons
2. High height
3. Proper ventilation
4. Color-coded design
5. Highly portable
6. Aluminum poles
7. Waterproof
8. 4 season tent
9. Storage Space on offer
10. Fixtures available inside


• Suitable for six persons:

The best thing is that it is ideal for six persons. You need to understand that it is lightweight enough and easy to set up for even a single person. Therefore, it does not matter whether you’re going for solo camping or whether you have 2 to 3 persons with you or whether you have six persons with you. You can use this tent in all of the above cases. That makes this tent one of the most versatile options available.

• High height:

One thing which many consumers do not know about this tent is that the poles are pre-bent. The advantage of pre-bent poles is that the space available inside is on the higher side. It provides a 6 feet person enough space to stand inside. That is why you can certainly move around freely inside the tent. When you look at the other to 6 person tents, you will realize that plenty of them are pretty claustrophobic. This one does not suffer from this problem. It is one of the main reasons why this tent has become so famous.

• Proper ventilation:

The manufacturer has taken great care to provide adequate ventilation in the tent. There are two large windows on offer. These Windows provide more than enough airflow. At the same time, there are large top vents as well. The top vents not only prevent condensation but also provide you with proper ventilation. That is why, even when there are six persons inside, all of them will be highly comfortable inside the tent. In terms of breathability, you will have no complaints.

• Color-coded design:

In case you think that it would be difficult to set up, you’re wrong. It is pretty easy to setup. The color-coded pole design ensures that the setup procedure is self-explanatory. That is why, once you start to assemble it, it will not take a lot of time to do so.

• Highly portable:

The tent comes along with its duffel bag-shaped stuff sack. When you dismantle everything, you can easily store all the accessories and the tent inside this bag. This bag comes along with the ergonomic handles. Therefore, moving it around and taking it with you wherever you go is quite easy. The portability of this tent is undoubtedly on the higher side.

• Aluminum poles:

When you’re buying such a tent, it is always important to look at the quality of the poles. If the quality of the poles is not up to the mark, it can lead to extensive wear and tear. The tent can come crashing down as well. The wind resistance and the weather resistance of the tent also depend on the quality of the poles.

This tent consists of heavy-duty 14 MM poles. Moreover, these are made from aluminum. The aluminum construction means that wear and tear is not a problem. At the same time, the aluminum construction also ensures that these poles are pretty lightweight. As a result, moving around the tent will not be a problem. In terms of sturdiness, it will not give you any trouble.

• Waterproof:

The construction of the tent makes it waterproof. Despite having a single wall design, it can keep the water at bay. That is because of the integrated fly which comes along with it. The quality of the fly is on the higher side. As a result, it can handle any weather.

• 4 season tent:

When you look at the construction of this tent, it is not difficult to understand that it is a 4 season tent. It can handle any weather. Moreover, it can provide you with adequate protection from the elements of weather. As a result, you can use it around the year. While researching for this wawona 6 review, One thing which was pretty clear is that very few tents can truly withstand all 4 seasons like wawona 6 tent.

• Storage Space on offer:

When you have six persons inside the tent, of course, you would need proper storage space. This one consists of a front vestibule along with two doors. Also, there is a rear door and a back vestibule as well. There are numerous mesh pockets available, as well. There is a pocket to hold your tablet. In total, the number of pockets which it provides is more than enough for six persons. That is why you get proper storage space when you’re using this tent.

• Fixtures available inside:

Did you know that this tent consists of additional fixtures on the inner side?

These fixtures are dry lines, hang hooks as well as Velcro lantern hook. It means that if you hang clothes or hang anything, there are ready-made fixtures for the same. You won’t have to opt for any temporary solution. As these are in-built fixtures, their durability is undoubtedly on the higher side.

Not only is it the north face wawona 6 person tent but it has all the features which you might look for in such a large tent. When you couple that with the portability, there is hardly any reason why you should avoid this tent in favor of others. I will now share the pros and cons of this tent to help you out.

Pros & Cons of the north face tent Wawona 6:


  • Waterproof construction
  • Highly portable
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Can be used around the year
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to install
  • Plenty of space
  • Breathable design


  • Instructions could be more detailed



The north face Wawona 6 tent is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and durable tents for six persons. As stated in my north face wawona 6 review, It has all the necessary features which you might search for in such a tent. In terms of comfort and convenience, it is tough to beat this tent.

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