What happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket?

Often, when you do not park your vehicle correctly, you can get a parking ticket. Many people think that ignoring a parking ticket is okay. The truth is, however, different.

Today, I will help you understand what happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket?

I will share with you the different things which can happen if you do so.

What happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket?

When you don’t pay a parking ticket, you can experience an increase in fine, vehicle booting, hold on vehicle registration, face an arrest warrant, experience driving license suspension, your vehicle can get confiscated, a collection agency might come after you or your credit score might get downgraded as well.

I will go into the details of all these below.

1. Increase in fines:

The most common thing which can happen if you don’t pay a parking ticket is that you will be fined double or triple. That is because of the late fees as well as collection fees. That is why; it is a good idea to pay for the parking tickets on time.

2. Vehicle booting:

In many cases, if the parking tickets keep on piling up, your vehicle can get booted as well. In that case, the device will be attached to the tire of your vehicle. As long as the device is attached, you will not be able to move your vehicle.

The threshold which can result in booting varies from one state to another. For example, when you take the example of New York, you will face vehicle booting once you have pending tickets worth $ 350.

The device is only removed once you pay for the parking tickets.

3. Vehicle registration on hold:

Many times, your vehicle registration might be put on hold as well. This usually happens when you have multiple parking tickets pending.

It means that you won’t register your car until you pay for the parking tickets.

This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen.

4. Arrest warrant:

Many times, when ignoring the parking ticket for long enough, you might face an arrest warrant. A local court has the power to issue an arrest warrant against you. If there is an arrest warrant against you, any cop can arrest you on the spot.

Before an arrest warrant is issued against you, the court sends a normal notice to ask you to come to the court and pay for the parking tickets.

Only when you fail to do so, an arrest warrant is issued.

5. Driving license suspension:

If you’re parking tickets have accumulated over some time, your license can get suspended as well.

The thinking behind this is that driving is a privilege. If you keep on ignoring the parking tickets, you’re taking this privilege for granted.

In that case, the court has the power to suspend your driving license. In that case, you might or might not get a driving license ever again.

This is one of the main reasons why it is good to pay for the parking tickets on time.

6. Vehicle confiscation:

Some states can seize your vehicle as well if you’re not paying your parking tickets. It means that you can lose your vehicle for not paying something like a couple of hundred dollars as well.

The most prime example is New York. It regularly sees such vehicles and hold auctions to sell such vehicles as well.

Once they seize your vehicle, the procedure to get it back is pretty cumbersome. In most cases, they will end up auctioning your vehicle.

This is another drastic outcome which you can experience if you do not pay parking tickets.

7. Collection agency calls:

Did you know that certain cities hire collection agencies to get the parking tickets paid?

It is common practice among parking enforcement bureau of the city to hire a collection agency. However, your name will not be given to the collection agency if you just have a single parking ticket left. Only when you haven’t paid multiple parking tickets will the collection agency start rounding you.

The problem with the collection agency is that they will keep on sending letters and keep on calling you up. In certain cases, they might end up showing at your home as well.

In that case, it will become real harassment unless you pay the parking tickets.

Once a collection agency gets involved, it is a good idea to get the parking tickets paid almost instantly.

8. Credit score downgrade:

Did you know that your credit score can get impacted as well if you do not pay your parking tickets?

Whenever there is that collection agency involved, they have the power to downgrade your credit score as well. They can report the non-payment of parking tickets to the credit bureaus. When that happens, your credit score will take a nosedive.

A state like Florida often involves a debt collection agency or a collection agency. When that happens, your credit score is sure to get impacted as well.

Recovering your credit score can take months together. In the meantime, if you’re planning to avail any financial product like a mortgage or any other type of loan, you will not be able to do so.

That is why it is important to understand that your credit score can get impacted negatively as well when you’re not paying the parking tickets.

9. A rise in car insurance costs:

Many pending parking tickets can lower your credit score. Also, when you’re going for the renewal of your car insurance, the premiums will increase as well. That is because of your parking ticket record as well as a reduction in your credit score.

It means that if you are not paying a couple of hundred dollars in parking tickets, your insurance cost might increase by the same amount. Even after that, you will have to pay the pending parking tickets.

These are the 9 things that can happen when you don’t pay a parking ticket. In most cases, when you have just a single pending parking ticket, you do not have to worry much. It is when they keep on piling up, problems can arise.

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