What is a hardtail mountain bike?

When you’re buying a mountain bike, you, of course, have to know about the types of mountain bikes.

Only when you are aware of the type of mountain bike can you make the right buying decision.

The types are plenty like 21 speed mountain bike (covered here), hardtail mountain bike, etc.

Today, I will shed light on the hardtail mountain bike. Then, I will help you understand what it is and why you should buy a hardtail mountain bike.

What is a hardtail mountain bike?
A hardtail mountain bike is a bike that does not consist of a rear shock absorber. The front shock absorber is present.

This might seem a disadvantage. However, when you look at the performance of the hardtail mountain bike, it is easy to understand what is so special about it.

Today, I will help you understand why you should go with the hardtail mountain bike.

Why should you go with a hardtail mountain bike?
There are numerous reasons to go with such a mountain bike. These include easier to pedal, you can attain higher speed, lightweight design, easy to control, low maintenance, and perfect for cross country racing.

I will go into the details of all these reasons below. Once you go through these reasons, you can make the buying decision.

1. Easier to pedal:
One of the main reasons you should go with the hardtail mountain bike is that it is easier to pedal. Also, the lack of shock absorption on the rear tire ensures that the amount of paddling you need is on the lower side.

Over a shorter trip, it might not make a difference. However, when you’re on a more extended trip or are covering a difficult trail, such a bike is undoubtedly easier to pedal.

Beginners might find that this feature pretty convenient. That is because they will be able to attain the speed which they want with minimal effort.

In a nutshell, when you’re looking for a bike that is easier to pedal, you can go with a hardtail mountain bike.

2. Higher speed while climbing:
There is another advantage of the bike being easier to pedal.

When you’re using a mountain bike, of course, you will use it on mountainous terrain. On the mountainous terrain, normally, you have to put in a lot of effort to attain a higher speed.

The same is not true for a hardtail mountain bike.

The reason for the same is because it requires minimal effort. It not only requires minimal effort for basic momentum but also for higher momentum.

It means that when you’re in the mountains, you will be able to attain a higher speed with little effort.

That will allow you to negotiate the mountainous trail quickly. In addition, you can quickly complete the trail, which is another advantage.

3. Lightweight design:
When there is no rear shock absorption, you will realize that the bike’s weight can decrease.

With the lower weight, it becomes easier for you to control and maneuver the bike.

On mountainous terrain, the low effort and weight can undoubtedly work to your advantage.

The lightweight design also means that when you want to carry the bike to the mountainous trail, you can do that with little effort.

Similarly, if you’re opting for any mechanism to carry it like a rack, you can go with the more affordable rack. Affordable racks generally have lesser weight carrying capacity. Since the bike is lightweight, you can carry it using affordable racks.

There are numerous advantages of the bike being lightweight. That is why you shouldn’t ignore a hardtail mountain bike while buying one.

4. Easy to control:
The lightweight design means that taking turns is easy. Not only that, you can lower the turning radius.

When you’re dealing with the mountainous terrain, you will realize that you will have to make a hard turn at times. If the bike is heavy, the effort you will have to put to make the hard turn will be great.

When you repeatedly take such hard times, you will feel fatigued. Your hands can get numb.

All these problems will not happen if you’re using a hardtail mountain bike. The hardtail mountain bike is easier to control.

Whether you’re traveling at a higher speed or a lower speed, a hardtail mountain bike is easy to control.

The easy control mechanism ensures that you will remain completely safe in the mountainous terrain.

5. Low maintenance:
With fewer parts, the hardtail mountain bike is easy to maintain. When you want to conduct the maintenance of such a bike, you can do it yourself. Therefore, the steps which you will have to undertake to perform the maintenance is low.

The fewer moving parts will also mean that the need for maintenance itself is low. Whenever you need maintenance, the cost of maintenance will be low. You can do the maintenance yourself.

All these advantages in terms of maintenance certainly make the hardtail mountain bike a good choice.

6. Perfect for cross-country racing:
For cross-country racing, you need a bike that you can use on any terrain. If you go with the heavier mountain bike, you will not easily navigate the terrain. In that case, you will be at a disadvantage.

The hardtail mountain bike, on the other hand, is suitable for any terrain. Consequently, it is perfect for cross-country racing.

Whether you have years of experience in cross-country racing or are entirely new to it, a hardtail mountain bike can undoubtedly come to your rescue.

It is another reason to go for a hardtail mountain bike.

As you can see, the hardtail mountain bike provides you with quite a few advantages compared to disadvantages.

Now, you know everything about a hardtail mountain bike. So the next time around you’re buying a mountain bike, do make sure that you go with the hardtail one.

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