What is a pit bike?

Many different types of bikes allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Many of them are for specific sports activities as well.

When you’re going through such bikes, you will often come across a name. The name is pit bike.

Do you want to find out what is a pit bike?

If so, I will share with you the definition of such a bike below. In this article, I will try to cover as much information about the pit bike as possible.

What is a pit bike?
A pit bike is a lightweight motorcycle. It is generally used for riding through the pits and for pit racing. These are for adults. However, teenagers can use them as well. The less powerful engines mean that they are affordable as compared to something like a dirt bike.

Affordability is one of the primary reasons why these bikes are famous.

When you look at a pit bike, you will find it pretty similar to a dirt bike. However, if you observe both of them closely, you will realize that pit bikes are indeed smaller. The application of both these types of bikes are different.

The original application of pit bikes was to go through the pit areas in a motocross race. Due to the same, they are easy to maintain and small.

Soon enough, pit biking evolved into a popular sport. It was no longer a part of the motocross. That is when pit bikes became more and more popular. Similarly, they were designed to provide maximum speed despite the small size and limited motor capacity.

While pit bikes were initially designed for adults, but these days, older children and teenagers use them. You will find people who prefer them over dirt bikes. The reason for the same is because pit biking is much more fun than dirt biking.

It is one of the primary reasons why their popularity is growing consistently.

Thus, if you are unaware of what strictly pit bikes are, now you have the answer.

To help you understand more about pit bikes, I will compare them with dirt bikes and let you know the difference.

How does a pit bike differ from a dirt bike?
A pit bike differs from a dirt bike on many different parameters. I will go into the details of all these parameters below.

1. Smaller size:
The primary difference between the pit bike and the dirt bike is the size. For example, a pit bike is shorter than a dirt bike. That is because you need to maneuver it around in the pit. The dirt bike, on the other hand, has to handle any terrain. Due to the same, the height is on the higher side.

When you look at both these bikes’ form factor, it is easy to recognize the pit bike as it is shorter and smaller.

1. Maintenance:
The engine of a dirt bike is much more powerful than a pit bike. However, there is a disadvantage to the same as well.

The more powerful engine of the dirt bike suffers from more wear and tear. Due to the same, the maintenance which a dirt bike requires is also higher.

On the other hand, a pit bike requires less maintenance. You will need to clean its filter. Once you do so, you will have to oil the bike from time to time.

That’s it!

Consequently, a pit bike requires much less maintenance. While this might seem like a small difference, it can make it easy for you to use the pit bike regularly.

1. Cost:
Another difference between the pit bike and the dirt bike is the cost. A pit bike can cost you in the range of $ 500-$ 1000. The price will vary depending on the sturdiness of the frame and the engine on offer.

When you compare it with a dirt bike, the cost can range from $ 2000-$ 10,000 for a 400 CC dirt bike.

As you can see, the cost difference between both these types of bikes is enormous. That is why this is a difference that you cannot ignore.

1. Terrain compatibility:
The terrain which each of those bikes can handle is different. The pit bike is designed for the pit. It means that you will need to maneuver it around the pits, as well as plain terrain. Hardly ever, it will come across rugged terrain. Consequently, the terrain compatibility of the pit bike is very limited.

When you take into account the dirt bike, it can handle mountain trails, off-road trails, gravel, uneven terrain, etc. It can handle many different types of terrain rather than just a couple of types.

It is another difference that you have to keep in mind when you’re comparing pit bikes versus dirt bikes.

5. Engine:
Another critical difference between the pit bike and the dirt bike is the specification of the engine.

Pit bikes usually consist of 4 stroke engines. These have a CC range in the range of 50 to 300 CC. However, if you need to buy a bit bike in the affordable range, the engine specification hardly goes above 250 CC.

On the other hand, the dirt bike can have a 2 stroke engine or a 4 stroke engine variant. The specification of the engines of such bikes is between 300 CC to 750 CC.

When you look at the specifications of the engine, they are incredibly different between both the bikes.

These are the few parameters on which the pit bike can vary from the dirt bike.

I will now help you understand why pit bikes are so affordable as compared to dirt bike.

Why are pit bikes so affordable?
There are a few reasons why pit bikes are so affordable. These include:

• The frame of the pit bike is smaller than the dirt bike frame. Smaller frames mean that it requires less materials. That is why it is more affordable.
• Pit bikes often have a lower-powered engine. That is why the cost of the engine is also less.
• Pit bike tires cannot handle as rough terrain as dirt bikes. That is why they need not be that sturdy. It is another reason why pit bikes are affordable.

Once you go through this article, you will know everything there is to know about pit bikes. With this article’s help, it will become easier for you to decide when you should go with a pit bike.

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