What is a pole barn?

Are you looking to construct something on your property?

If so, it might be a good idea to add a barn. However, if you follow the traditional way to construct a barn, it will take you a lot of time and money to do so. You might not be able to do it yourself as well.

The more affordable alternative is to go for a pole barn.

Haven’t you heard of a pole barn before?

Worry not!

Today, I will help you understand what a pole barn is?

I will go into the details of the same and why it is better than the traditional barn.

What is a pole barn?

A Pole barn is a barn that uses post-frame construction. Post-frame technology is in use for almost a century. The construction technique is used to construct reliable structures in a short period.

The critical aspect of a pole barn is to first design the frame by integrating the posts. The basic structure of the barn consists of such posts. The foundation also consists of such posts.

The virtue of the pole barn is that it is very affordable and requires little construction time.

Pole barn has been around since the 1930s. That was the time when companies were looking for cost-efficient construction techniques. In that era, companies choose recycled telephone poles to create structures.

The original term in use was telephone pole barns. The name was shortened to pole barns in the new era.

Thus, pole barns consist of the structure of posts over which the barn is built.

Now that you are aware of precisely what pole barn is, let us look at its advantages.

Advantages of a pole barn:

Pole barns offer numerous advantages over normal ones.

Before you decide regarding pole barns, take a look at the advantages of the same below.

1. Easy to build:

When you plan the construction of any barn, you have to devote a large amount of time to build the foundation. Also, the majority of the resources go into making the foundation as well.

When it comes to pole barns, you will not have to worry about the same.

The reason for the same is that it does not matter whether the foundation consists of dirt, gravel, or uneven ground. The structure does not take support on the foundation but the pole structure itself. Due to the same, you will not have to worry about pouring concrete or evening the ground below the barn.

The only place where you need concrete is at the foot of each set of poles.

That’s all!

You need not pour concrete over the entire foundation.

The absence of large-scale use of concrete means that you can create a barn quickly and also in a small amount of space.

The majority of the construction-related effort for a barn is associated with the concrete foundation. Once you eliminate that from the picture by opting for a pole barn, you can erect the pole barn almost anywhere.

2. Affordable:

When you look at the construction material used in pole barns, it does not consist of extensive concrete. The use of wood is also limited. That is because the entire structure is not made from wood. Only wooden poles are used in most cases.

The structure’s design is done so that a minimalistic frame can hold the entire barn’s weight. That further reduces the construction.

When you look at the traditional barn construction, you will realize that up to 20% of its cost goes into the concrete foundation. Since you are using minimal concrete, you can virtually rule out this 20%. That is the reason why you can save a lot of money when you’re going for a pole barn.

The strategic use of wood and the almost negligible use of concrete ensures that pole barns are much more affordable.

3. Less labor requirement:

There are numerous ways in which a pole barn can reduce the labor requirement. I will go into the details of these ways below.

Less construction time:

The number 1 reason why less labor is required is because of the quick construction time. When the workers already have the blueprint, they need to stick to it. There are no elaborate procedure is involved.

The workers need to build the barn according to the blueprint provided by the architect or the designer. Since following the blueprint requires less time than creating a barn using the traditional method, the labour required is also on the lower side.

No need for concrete foundation installers:

Usually, when you construct a barn using the traditional construction method, a lot of time goes into the concrete foundation work.

The concrete needs to be poured, and it needs to settle before erecting the entire structure.

Also, specialized workers are required for handling concrete as well.

When you construct a pole barn, you will not need these concrete handling workers. The amount of concrete that you will need is on the lower side.

Thus, the fact that you eliminate the need for skilled labor dealing with concrete further reduces the labor cost.

Both these factors certainly ensure that the labor cost of building a pole barn is much lesser than the traditional one.

4. Excellent insulation:

When you construct a barn, the insulation of the barn matters a lot. Insulation is very important for a barn.

Firstly, the insulation will protect the occupants inside from the weather outside. Whether you’re creating a man cave inside the barn or keeping animals inside the barn, insulation is required.

On the other hand, you will be installing lights on the outside and the inside of the barn. Before you go through my posts like Top 7 best solar powered barn lights reviews or Top 5 best remote control outdoor flood light reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ, it is crucial to understand that pole barns offer you better insulation.

The reason for the same is that there is plenty of space between the pole frame. You can install any insulation in between. Since you have complete freedom regarding the insulation to install, the quality of insulation usually is excellent.

As you can see, the pole barns offer you more advantages than one.

If you’re looking to construct a barn on your property, you need to prefer a pole barn over the traditional ones.

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