What is a tent vestibule?

 When you’re looking to buy a tent, you will often come across tents with vestibules. These are generally better than the ones without vestibules.

However, for a beginner, it is not clear what exactly is a vestibule.

Today, I will answer this question and help you understand whether the vestibule is necessary.

What is a tent vestibule?

A tent vestibule is an area that is protected. It can be beside the tent or in front of the tent. While it is technically outside the tent but it is under the rain fly. That is why you can easily store the gear in the space. You can also keep wet clothes or gear which is not clean in this space.

In a nutshell, it can help you store things outside the main area of the tent.

I will now share the type of tent vestibules. After you go through the types, it will certainly become easier for you to choose the right tent.

There are essentially three types of vestibules that you can come across. I will go into the details of all these 3 below.

1. Front vestibule:

The first one is the front vestibule. It is placed in front of the main entrance of the test.

When you’re getting into the tent, you will come across this vestibule, and thereafter you will be able to enter the tent.

That is why; it is very easy for you to store your gear in the front vestibule.

2. Side vestibule:

Side vestibules are present on the side of the tent. The advantage of the same is that when the tentmakers use a side vestibule, they have the option to attach to vestibules. It means that the amount of space which you will be able to get will be on the higher side.

Thus, if you’re looking for a tent with higher storage space, you should go with one which consists of side vestibules.

3. Add-on vestibule:

Did you know that you can add on vestibule to your tent as well?

With the help of add-on vestibules, you can create storage space for any tent. Not only that, you can choose between front vestibules as well as side vestibules. It means that you will have complete control when going with such a tent.

Thus, when you look at the type of vestibules, these are the three options that you have. The fact that there is an add-on vestibule available as well can certainly make your life easier. It means that even if you end up buying a tent without a vestibule, you can easily add it on later on.

I will now answer some of the questions which are related to vestibules.

Is a tent vestibule necessary?

Not always; you might need a tent vestibule. If you camp light, you can certainly use the tent without the vestibule as well.

Many times, when camping in the dry season as well, then too you will not need a vestibule. That is because you can easily store the gear inside as well.

The disadvantage of not having a vestibule is minimal if you camp light. Also, a tent without a vestibule is more affordable as well. That is why you can save some money as well.

Not only that, when you’re using a tent without a vestibule, you will realize that it is easier to pack as well. That is because it does not need the same amount of space.

As you can see, you can certainly camp without a vestibule as well. However, if you can buy a tent with a vestibule, you should go ahead with one.

There are, however, a few alternatives of vestibules as well. I will highlight that below.

What are the alternatives to a vestibule?

There are essentially three alternatives to a vestibule. I will highlight all three below.

1. Use tarp with stakes:

If you have a tarp, you can attach it to the tent. You can use the stakes to create a dry area beside your tent as well.

Since you are using a tarp and installing it yourself, you can install it on the site or at the front as well. The choice is yours.

It is one of the affordable ways to get a vestibule-type area without your tent actually having a vestibule.

2.Use a rainfly:

You can do the same with the help of the rain fly as well. The advantage is that you can get a rain fly with high water resistance. In that case, it will serve you well in the rainy season as well.

Attaching the rainfly to the tent is also comparatively easier. To create such a dry area, you can use the stakes in the same fashion as well.

It is another way to get such kind of storage space without having a vestibule in your tent.

2.Use extra fabric:

In case you do not have any advance preparation and want to create a vestibule-type area, you can use any extra fabric available at the campsite. Since you have a tent, you will have stakes. With the help of the stakes or normal rope as well, you will be able to create such a storage area on one side of the tent.

Going with this method will not cost you any money. That is why; it is one of the best options which you have.

These 3 are the alternatives to attend a vestibule.

Since the vestibule is a dry area, people often try to figure out whether cooking under the vestibule is possible or not. I will answer this question below.

Is it possible to cook inside a vestibule?

Technically, yes, you can cook inside a vestibule. However, you have to take a lot of care. Since you will be dealing with fire, you have to ensure that the material of the vestibule or the material of the tent does not come in contact with the fire. If that happens, the tent can catch fire, or you might end up burning a hole in your tent as well.

Not only that, you have to ensure that the vestibule area is well ventilated. In case there is no ventilation, the level of carbon monoxide will increase. In that case, it is not safe for you to cook in a closed space.

Also, if you’re in an area full of bees, it is not a good idea to cook under a vestibule as it will spread a smell that can attract bees.

Technically, you will be able to cook inside a vestibule, but you have to be very careful with the same.

So, once you go through my article below, it is easy to understand what is a tent vestibule. I have highlighted the types and even the alternatives.

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