What is dry camping?

There are many different types of campings which you can enjoy outdoors. However, dry camping is becoming more and more popular.

The problem is that most campers do not exactly know what dry camping is?

Today, I will share with you the definition of this camping. Not only that, I will share with you a few tips with the help of which you can dry camp easily.

What is dry camping?

Dry camping basically involves camping in a motor home, van, or an RV. You can dry camp only when you’re not using any additional lock-ups ?? that is, external connections of electricity or water. Dry camping is done outside a traditional campground. You can easily camp in private places as well as public lands. The aim is to camp for free.

Now that you are aware of the requisites of dry camping, it is time to understand how you can do so.

Tips for dry camping:

I will now share with you a few tips for dry camping.

1. Conserve water:

The very 1st thing which you need to do if you want to dry camp is to always conserve water. Also, since you will be camping on public or private land, you won’t have access to fresh water whenever you need it. That is why conserving water is a must.

There are a few tips which you have to do for the same. These include:

• Firstly, you have to look at the tank capacity. Only then you will know how you can use it. When you look at the user manual of the RV, you will know about the tank capacity right away.
• Before leaving your home, ensure that you have a full tank.
• Throughout the dry camping, you have to keep an eye on the tank meters. Only when you do so will you be able to determine the speed at which you are consuming water. Accordingly, you can adjust your usage.
Once you follow these tips, it will become easier for you to conserve water.

2. Do not ignore greywater:

You need to reuse greywater as well. Greywater is the water gathered from the shower after brushing the teeth, hand washing, and doing the dishes. You have to install a separate tank for the same. Similarly, you have to monitor the capacity of this greywater tank as well. Most RVs have these inbuilt. While this might be smaller as compared to your normal tank but it can certainly serve you well.

Initially, when arriving at your camping site, the grey tank should be empty. If you have procured some water in the grey tank on the way, you can certainly use it.

The great tank will also come along with its own tank meter. That is why you will know right away how much greywater you have. You have to use greywater sparingly as well. The reason for the same is that you cannot have unlimited greywater or replenish the tank. That is why you have to use it on a conservative basis as well.

3. Manage your black tank well:

Black tank is the tank which gathers water from the toilet usage. It is actually quite small. However, nevertheless it is important to keep a watch on the black tank levels.

In most cases, you will not be able to use the black tank water for anything. However, if it starts overflowing, you will not be able to camp any longer, and you will have to empty the tank. That is why you have to keep a watch on the levels of water in the black tank.

4. Use renewable sources of electricity:

The most difficult part while dry camping is to generate electricity. You might have to charge the batteries of your RV from time to time as well.

A lot also depends on the duration of your trip. If you’re just a camping for a single night, it is easy to monitor the battery levels. However, on a multi-night trip, you need to plan in a much better way.

Most of the RVs come along with a gasoline powered generator. However, a much better idea is to use solar panels. You can easily install solar panels are on top, or when you’re stationary, you can keep the solar panels outside to charge the generator. That way, you will be using renewable sources of power. In the back up, you have to keep gasoline with you, but that should be the backup option.

The solar panel kit will pay for itself within a couple of years. That way, you will not have to worry about spending a lot of money without any return.

Thus, with the help of the gasoline generator as well as the solar power kit, it will become easier for you to generate renewable power when you’re on such a trip.

5. Do not ignore the trash:

Dry camping also means that you do not dispose of your waste anywhere. You have to take care of your trash disposal as well. The best way to do so is to find a gas station nearby which allow you to throw the garbage. Some grocery stores allow you to do so as well. That way, you will not be polluting the campsite or the private or public land on which you are camping.

6. Start with shorter trips:

Dry camping is not that easy. You will have to take care of each and every aspect while dry camping.

That is why; much better idea is to start with a shorter trip. Overnight trip will allow you to get the hang of dry camping. It will also help you determine whether dry camping is for you or not.

Instead of directly taking a trip which spans across the fortnight, it is a much better idea to start with the shorter trip. Once you do so, you will not only understand the nuances of dry camping but also how you can plan better.

Instead of thinking of dry camping as an overwhelming experience, it is a much better idea to follow the tips which I have highlighted above.

With the help of these few tips, dry camping is certainly easy.

Thus, once you go through my article, it is not only easy to understand what is dry camping but how you can indulge in the same as well.

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