When to replace mountain bike tires?

Maintaining your mountain bike is a necessity. One of the parts of the mountain bike which suffers from maximum wear and tear are the tires.

You need to understand when you need to replace the mountain bike tires. Once you know about the same, it will become easier to keep the mountain bike properly.

If the tires are worn out extensively, it will become difficult for you to get proper traction on the terrain.

To avoid such a problem, it is essential to find out when to replace mountain bike tires. I will shed light on the same below.

When to replace mountain bike tires?

There are a handful of things that you need to look out for. If you notice any of them, you will have to replace the bike tires. I will highlight these below.

1. Worn out threads:

The threads of the mountain bike tires help you in gaining proper traction. No matter how uneven the terrain is, with the help of proper threads, you can easily gain traction and control over the bike.

It means that you can cover the trail easily if the threads are in proper shape.

On the flip side, if the threads are worn out, you might have to replace the tires as well.

It is one of the primary signs that you need to replace the tires.

2. Irregular tire surface:

When you get new mountain bike tires, they are completely smooth. However, the more you drive your bike, the more wear and tear the mountain bike tires will suffer from.

Over time, the tire surface will become irregular. If it is highly irregular, once again, you cannot gain traction of the terrain on which you are driving.

Thus, irregular tire surface is another symptom that indicates that you might have to replace mountain bike tires.

3. Sidewall wear and tear:

If you often drive the mountain bike on mountainous terrain or mountainous trails, the sidewall suffers from wear and tear as well.

Over time, the sidewall can become weak. If that is the case, there is always the risk of the tire losing pressure or the tire bursting.

The extensive wear and tear off the sidewall is another indication that you might have to replace the mountain bike tires.

4. Bulges in the tire:

When the mountain bike tires suffer from wear and tear, there might appear bulges on the tire’s surface as well.

If there is a bulge, you will start to lose control of your bike on uneven terrain once again.

Bulges can be very risky.

Thus, merely with the help of a visual inspection, you will be able to retain the bulges in the tire.

Once you detect the same, it might be time to replace mountain bike tires.

5. Frequent loss of pressure:

Is it difficult to maintain tire pressure?

If so, it indicates that the mountain bike tire might have suffered from extensive wear and tear.

Without proper tire pressure, having proper control on the bike is very difficult.

Not only that, the braking power reduces as well.

If your bike is experiencing frequent pressure loss, you have no other alternative but to replace the mountain bike tires.

6. Cracking of tires:

Over time, the mountain bike tires might suffer from cracking or chipping as well. When that happens, you have no other alternative but to replace the mountain bike tires.

The cracking of the tires also means that you have driven the mountain bike tires extensively. Instead of taking them up to the limit or driving the bike till they burst, it is a good idea to replace the mountain bike tires once you notice this problem.

If you notice any of these six problems with your tires, you need to think about replacing the mountain bike tires.

Whether you’re driving a 21-speed mountain bike (covered here) or any other, you need to replace them if you notice any of these problems with the mountain bike tires.

In case you’re wondering how to make the mountain bike tires last longer, I will share with you a few tips for the same as well.

How to make mountain bike tires last longer?

I will share with you a few tips which will help you understand how to make the mountain bike tires last longer.

1. Avoid cycling at high temperature:

The temperature outside is often higher than the room temperature. Not only that, trails and roads can become even hotter.

When you’re driving your mountain bike during the summer, they experience even higher temperatures.

The high temperature leads to more wear and tear.

That is why, if you want your mountain bike tires to last longer, it is a good idea to avoid cycling at high temperatures.

2. Try swapping the front and rear tires:

If your bike’s front and rear tires are the same, you can swipe them as well. It will ensure that no single tire experiences excessive pressure or excessive wear and tear.

Doing so will certainly mean that the mountain bike tires last for a longer period.

3. Maintain correct tire pressure:

Only when the tire pressure in the mountain bike tires is proper will you be able to drive it around appropriately and reduce wear and tear.

The pressure requirement can vary from one tire to another. It is dependent on the size of the tire and the type of tire as well.

You have to refer to the manual of the mountain bike to understand the ideal pressure.

Before embarking on a trip, it is good to check the tire pressure and ensure that it is appropriate.

Doing so will reduce wear and tear.

4. Store your bike in the shade:

Excessive exposure to high temperatures can result in damage to your bike as well as the tires. Therefore, when not using the bike, you have to always store the bike in the shade.

That will certainly prolong the life of the mountain bike tires.

5. Don’t skid the bike:

Skidding the bike might sound cool. However, it puts excessive pressure on the mountain bike tires. Already, they undergo a lot of pressure. That is why; you have to avoid skidding your bike to prolong the life of your mountain bike tires.

6. Avoid inclement terrain until necessary:

Sure enough, you will use the mountain bike in the hilly region. The terrain can be uneven as well.

However, wherever you have the option, you have to drive on flat terrain instead of uneven terrain. This will make the mountain bike tires last longer.

Using these six tips, you can certainly make the mountain bike tires last longer.

With my guide above, it will become easier for you to know when to replace the mountain bike tires. Not only that, using the guide above, you can increase the life span of your mountain bike tires as well.

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