When to upgrade car seat?

A car seat can undoubtedly keep your child safe. However, as your child grows, you need to upgrade your car seat from time to time. Only when you do so can you protect your child during the ride.

The question which arises is when to upgrade the car seat?

I will answer this question today. I will share with you a few situations in which it makes perfect sense to upgrade your car seat. Rather than doing it too frequently, you have to go through the guide below, and you will gain an idea regarding when you should upgrade your car seat.

When to upgrade car seat?

You should upgrade the car seat when the child exceeds the seat dimensions or when the child is 1-year-old or when the car seat is expired. There are a few other situations as well in which you should upgrade your car seat. I will go into the details of all the situations below.

1. When a child exceeds the seat dimensions:

The most obvious benchmark to consider is when the child starts exceeding the seat dimensions. If the child’s physical size is such that the child cannot sit comfortably in the seat, it does not make any sense to continue with the same car seat.

If the seat is smaller than the child, it will not protect the child from all directions.

That is why you have to observe your child when your child is in the car seat and decide about upgrading the car seat.

2. When your child is 1 year old:

Another parameter to base your decision on is the age of the child. Once the child crosses the 1-year-old age, it is a good idea to upgrade the car seat.

Initially, most parents opt for the rear-facing infant seat. However, once your child is 1-year-old, switching over to a rear-facing convertible seat is a good idea. It will not only be more comfortable for your child but also can protect your child in a much better way as well. The convertible feature means that you can use it as your child pleases.

When you stick to this benchmark, it will become easier for you to look after your child’s comfort and safety.

3. After the expiry of the child car seat:

Many parents are not aware that car seats come with an expiry date. Most parents buy a car seat and use it for years together. That is, however, a mistake.

You have to check the label behind the car seat or the manual. Only then can you know about the expiry date of the car seat.

A car seat can last anywhere from 3 years to 6 years.

If the child car seat is expired, it is time to upgrade to a newer one. This often happens when you have to use the same car seat for multiple children.

Thus, this is another situation in which you need to think about upgrading your car seat.

4. If the car seat has suffered damage:

The design of the car seat is such that it can protect your child from all directions. However, it can only do so when it does not suffer any impact.

In case the car seat has been in an accident or is damaged in any way, it does not make any sense to continue with the same car seat. In that case, the protection ability of that car seat reduces drastically.

You have to think about upgrading the car seat in that case.

Similarly, you have to be on the lookout for loose parts, worn out parts, and wear and tear in the car seat. If you notice any of this, then too it makes sense to upgrade your car seat.

Thus, if there are signs of any kind of damage in the car seat, you need to upgrade it.

5. When you change your car:

It also makes sense to upgrade your car seat when you change your car. Not every car seat is compatible with every car. So, when you opt for a new car, you might have to upgrade your car seat as well.

You have to consider this and then upgrade the car seat accordingly.

6. When your child crosses any limit threshold:

Every car seat has height, weight, and size limits. If your child crosses any of these limits, continuing with the same car seat is not a good idea. The car seat, in that case, cannot provide the same level of protection.

To provide proper protection to your child, it is good to upgrade the car seat.

These are some of the cases in which you should upgrade your car seat.

However, while choosing a new one, it is necessary to follow a few tips. I will highlight these tips below.

Tips to upgrade your car seat:

The tips which you should follow while upgrading your car seat include:

1. Choose one according to your current age of your child:

If the child is close to one year of age, you have to choose one suitable for children up to 2 to 3 years of age. In that case, you will not have to change it anytime soon.

2. Check for car compatibility before making the decision:

You have to ensure that the car seat is compatible with your car. Only then can you go ahead and choose it. You will be surprised how many car seats are not compatible with certain car models. Instead of assuming that it is compatible, it is a much better idea to check for the compatibility and decide.

3. Materials in use:

When you’re buying a new car seat, it is essential to look at the car seat’s materials. Ideally, they should be comfortable for your child and completely soft as well. When that is the case, it becomes easier for you to provide proper comfort and safety to your child.

4. Safety mechanism:

The car seat should come along with a safety harness, and also, it should come along with shock-absorbing foam. The coverage which it should provide should be excellent as well.

When upgrading your car seat, you have to look out for this factor as well.

With these car tips, it will become easier for you to upgrade your car seat.

Now, you are aware of the situations in which you should upgrade your car seat. Not only that, but you are also aware of the tips which you should follow while upgrading the same.

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