Where can i hide my key on my car?

Losing a car key is a problem for many people. The problem is that when you lose the car amidst the trip, it can become tough for you to use your car.

Instead of searching for a fix after facing such a situation, it is a good idea to know where you can hide the car key. You can hide it within your car as well. Today, I will answer the question, where can I hide my key on my car?

I will share with you multiple ways in which you can do so.

Where can I hide my key on my car?
You can hide the car key in the magnetic key holder box, inside the bumper, behind the license plate, well of the tire, in the hitch receiver box, or in the wallet.

I will go into the details of all the solutions below. Once you go through the answers, it is easy to hide your car key.

1. Magnetic key holder box:
The best way to hide your car key is to use a magnetic key holder box. These boxes have more than enough space for a key fob as well as car keys.

With the help of magnets, you can easily stick it underneath the car. It means that you can keep this box underneath when you’re parking the car or going somewhere. You can hide it under the hood as well. The choice is yours.

With the help of powerful magnets, search boxes will remain in place. Consequently, when you want to access your case, you can do so easily.

I have reviewed the best magnetic key holder boxes in my post here. You can go through that post and buy the best ones.

2. Inside the bumper:
To use this technique to hide the key inside your car, there are 2 requirements. The first is that you have a bumper. The second one is that the bumper is of metal.

For this technique, you need a magnetic car key holder. You can stick it underneath easily.

You need a metal bumper because you will not be able to stick the box on a plastic or fiberglass bumper. You will need metal for the same.

In that case, when you lock yourself out of the car, or you lose the car key, you can certainly gain access to this car key and still use your car.

3. Behind the license plate:
There is another place where you can hide the car key. It is behind the front license plate.

Nobody can easily view the area behind the front license plate. That is why, if you put the key in a magnetic box and hide it behind the front license plate, it is easy to keep the car secure.

Not only that, since it is well concealed, you will not have to worry about the car key getting stolen.

The best thing is that even if you do not have a magnetic key holder box, you can still store the key behind the license plate.

In that case, you have to use the depth of the license plate to keep the key. While this isn’t a foolproof solution, you can still use the license plate’s depth to store the key.

The ability to store the key behind the license plate without the magnetic key box holder as well as with one makes this technique one of the most effective ones.

4. Well of the tire:
The method which I am highlighting now is not necessarily suitable for every car. However, if the tire well consists of metal around it, you can certainly use this technique to hide your car key.

You have to place the car key inside the magnetic key box holder. Once you do so, you have to find a place around the tire’s well, which consists of metal. Once you find such a place, it will undoubtedly become easier for you to stick the box.

The metal will ensure that the box remains in place. Moreover, the area around the tire’s well is easy to access when the car is stationary. That is why, when you want to access the car key, you can do so with ease.

5. Install a hitch receiver box:
Looking for a secure way to hide your car key?

If so, you need to opt for the hitch receiver box. It is a very effective product which allows you to store the car key easily.

You need to understand that to use this product, you will need at least a 2-inch hitch attached to your car. Also, you can mount this box on the hitch only when the bikes are not mounted. That is why these are the 2 requirements that you need to look at before using this it as a key holding box.

The advantage, however, is that it has a proper locking mechanism. You can insert much more than keys. It means that keeping a bit of cash is certainly possible.

The easy locking and unlocking mechanism means that you will not have to worry about accessing the keys and the contents of the hitch receiver box.

Thus, if you have a rack attached to your car, you can certainly go with this method.

6. Wallet:
In case you have a pretty slim and compact wallet, you can put the car key into that wallet. Once you do so, you can put that wallet into the magnetic hide box. You can stick this magnetic hide box wherever you want.

You can also keep the car key in the wallet itself. However, in that case, keeping the car key on your car will not be easy. You will have to take the wallet with you wherever you go. Still, if the wallet gets stolen, you will not have access to your car key.

These are the 6 places where you can hide your keys on your car. With my guide above, securing the car key will now become very easy for you. No longer you need to worry about stolen car keys or misplaced car keys.

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