Where to get a car key made?

Many car owners are completely confused when they want to get a car key made. They aren’t sure where they should go or whom they should approach.

The truth is that there are quite a few solutions to this problem. Whether you want to get a new car key made or wish to get a copy of the current car key, you have many options to solve your problem.

I will answer the question, where to get a car key made?

I will share with you the ten different options below.

Where to get a car key made?

The options which you have to get a car key made include visiting the locksmith, approaching the car insurance company, contacting a vehicle breakdown service, going to the car dealership, contacting a garage, going to home Depot, AutoZone, Ace hardware, Walmart, or lowes.

The last 5 options can only help you with a copy of the car key and not a new car key without the original or without the spare one.

I will go into the details of all these ten options below.

1. Locksmith:

When you’re looking for the most affordable solution, a locksmith is the perfect one for you.

The locksmith can help you create a new key and also create a copy from the original one.

If you need the key during working hours, it is also the quickest option which you have.

It is a common problem that when you’re trying to find a locksmith, you can’t find one in the vicinity. The best solution to this problem is to search in the search engine for a locksmith. There are 24/7 locksmiths available.

Once you get the details of the locksmith, you can easily contact the locksmith in no time. You can visit the locksmith if you want to get a car key made. If you have lost your car key or are locked out of your car, you can call the locksmith to your venue.

Once you get the car key made, you can use a magnetic key holder for car (covered here) to keep the car key safe. Once you keep it safe, you will not have to spend money on getting it remade again.

2. Car insurance company:

In many cases, car insurance companies cover the car keys. If you have lost one, they can certainly cover the cost of a new one. In that case, you will not have to worry about contacting anyone else or spending a lot of money.

Before you contact the car insurance company, do make sure you find out whether it is covered under the car insurance or not.

The caveat to this is that it is a slow method.

3. Vehicle breakdown service:

Many roadside assistance companies can also help you get a car key made. Especially if you’re stuck somewhere due to a loss of the car key, they can help you out.

They often work in conjunction with the locksmith. That is why you will not have to worry about contacting the locksmith separately.

However, getting a car key made through this method can be a bit slow.

4. Car dealership:

Another option which you have is to contact the car dealership. When you buy a car, they will also provide you with the manual and a booklet which will have the form for getting a new car key made.

However, it is a bit slow since if you have programmed the key, the company might not have a spare one.

However, it is one of the most legit ways to get a new car key made.

Irrespective of the car key you want, the car dealership can undoubtedly come to your rescue.

5. Garage:

Another option which you have is to contact a local garage. Most garages have tieups with local locksmiths. That is why, if you aren’t able to locate the local locksmiths yourself, you can contact the garages.

Many garages have the blanks 4 programmable keys. That is why they can help you get any car key made.

Create a copy:

The options I will highlight below are perfect if you just want to get a copy of the mechanical car key.

6. Home depot:

Most Home Depot stores have automated machines that allow you to create a car key copy in no time. The cost of such car keys is also on the lower side.

7. Autozone:

Autozone sales blanks for various car brands like Honda, BMW, Mercedes, and so on. It also has machines that can allow you to duplicate your car key easily.

8. Ace Hardware:

Ace Hardware is another store that provides you car key blanks and machines that can help you copy the car keys.

9. Walmart:

Walmart stores are spread across the country. Most Walmart stores have machines that can help you create the car keys.

It means that if you have a Walmart nearby, getting the car key made will not be a lot of effort.

10. Lowes:

Lowes also has machines that can help you create a copy of the car key. With the help of automated machines, it becomes easier for you to get a car key made.

You need to understand that the last 5 options I have highlighted are suitable only for mechanical keys. If you have programmable key forms, you will not be able to use the last 5 options. In that case, you have to opt for the 5 options which I have highlighted.

How to choose the right method?

To choose the right method from the list above, consider factors like:

• Cost:

While choosing the option to get a car key made, you have to consider the cost of making the car key. That is affordable when you’re copying it with the help of a machine. Other than that, locksmiths are affordable.

• Time:

Not only that, you have to take into account the time which it takes to get the car key made. The quickest are the automated machines and locksmiths. However, if you contact the insurance company or the car dealership, it will take you a lot of time to get the car key made.

So, if you want to get a car key made, these are the 10 options which you have. You can easily choose between these options to get the car key made quickly.

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