Why does my car cd player keep ejecting?

A new car CD player does not suffer from a lot of problems. However, as the car CD player becomes older, it can suffer from issues occasionally.

One common problem is when your car CD player keeps on ejecting. In that case, it will not play the CD at all.

You might then ask yourself, why does my car CD player keep ejecting?

I will today highlight the probable reasons for the same.

Why does my car cd player keep ejecting?
There are essentially four reasons why your car CD player keeps ejecting, including scratched CD/DVD, lens problem, failing drive, and loose connections within the car CD player.

I will go into the details of all these reasons below. Once you go through these reasons, it is easy to diagnose the problem. After you diagnose the issue, you can find a suitable solution easily.

1. Scratched CDs/DVDs:
Many of us use a CD and DVD player repeatedly for years together. Over a period, CDs and DVDs develop scratches.

When there are excessive scratches on the CD/DVD, the CD player cannot read the CD or DVD. In that case, it will eject it back.

This happens when there are excessive scratches on the CD/DVD.

When that is the case, it is effortless to solve the problem. You need to use a different CD/DVD.

Also, diagnosing this problem is easy. When you use a new CD/DVD, and if the car CD player does not eject it, it indicates that the issues are scratched CDs and DVDs.

2. Lens problems:
The cause which I am highlighting now is one of the most common reasons. Over a while, the lens can easily develop a problem.

Fortunately, solving the problem of the lens is undoubtedly possible.

Along with the car CD player, you would have got the lens cleaner kit. The lens cleaner kit consists of a CD which has a brush at the center.

You get the lens cleaning solution.

You have to refer to the manual and understand how to apply the solution to the brush. Once you apply it to the brush, you have to insert the CD and play it like a regular CD.

The duration for which you need to play the CD will be mentioned in the lens cleaning kit manual.

If, after playing the lens cleaner CD once, the problem does not solve itself, you must repeat the procedure.

Hardly ever, you will need to repeat it more than twice.

In most cases, you can repair the lens in a single attempt or twice at max.

After cleaning the lens, when you insert the CD/DVD, the car CD player will not eject it again. You can play it right away after following this solution.

In case you do not have a lens cleaning kit, you can easily buy one online. It is very affordable. Consequently, solving this problem will not take a lot of time or effort.

3. Failing drive:
How old is the car CD player which you are using?

If the car CD player you are using is older than 5 to 7 years, it might indicate that the drive is failing. Every car CD player has a life span.

Once that life span is over, no matter how much you try to repair it, it will suffer from one problem or the other. Frequent ejection of the CD is one such problem.

Unfortunately, when the cause is the failing drive, there is no other alternative but to replace it.

If you do not want to replace it, you can get a portable one. When you go with a portable one, it becomes easier for you to use it almost anywhere, including in your car. The small size allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. You can read my post here and here to buy one. My posts consist of the top options across categories.

Rather than spending time and money to repair the older one, it makes perfect sense to buy the newer one.

Hiring a technician or someone to repair the car CD player can be more expensive than buying a new one. That is why, if this is the cause, it makes perfect sense to replace the car CD player.

4. Loose connections:
The car CD player constantly suffers from vibrations, shocks as well as jerks. In case of an accident, it can suffer from extensive impact.

Due to all these reasons, the connections inside may turn loose. In that case, the car CD player might eject the CD again and again.

The problem is that repairing this problem is not that easy. Firstly, you have to pull out the car CD player. You can refer to the manual for the same.

Once you do so, you will notice the connections at the back of the car CD player.

You have to disconnect and put back the cables once again.

Before you disconnect the cable, you have to inspect and remember how the cable is connected carefully. At one time, you have to disconnect a single cable and put it back again. Consequently, there will be no confusion regarding reinserting the cable.

Once you complete the reconnections, you can put the car CD player back into the slot.

If you want to test it before putting it inside, you can try playing the CD while the CD player is still out. You have to turn on the car and ensure the car CD player cables are connected. That will ensure that only when you’re confident that it is playing the CD and DVD can you put it back inside.

While this might be a cumbersome procedure, it is one of the most effective ways to solve this problem.

There are numerous reasons why a car CD player keeps ejecting your CD. With the help of my guide above, it is easy for you to diagnose the problem and fix it as well. It is now time to deal with this problem rather than ignore the problem and avoid using the car CD player.

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