Yeti tundra 65 review – Is the cooler efficient enough?

Are you looking for an efficient cooler?

If yes, it is a good idea to choose the best option among the various coolers available. Only when it is efficient, and the insulation is on the higher side, can you to maintain the beverages in the cold state.

Instead of comparing every cooler which you come across, it is better to look at Yeti tundra 65. My yeti 65 review would help you understand why this cooler is such a good option.

Yeti tundra 65 review

One of the main features of this cooler, which helps it stand out is the roomy interiors. That is why; the amount of storage space in on the inner side is high. However, this is not the only feature of yeti 65 quart coolers. I will go into the other features below.

Features of yeti tundra 65

1. Available in 6 color options
2. Efficient insulation
3. Sturdy construction
4. Easy to secure the lid
5. Adequate capacity
6. Easy to carry
7. Drain system available
8. Sturdy hinges
9. Non-slip design
10. Heavy-duty gasket


• Available in 6 color options:

One of the main things of yeti tundra 65 cooler, which you need to understand is that it is available in 6 different color options. All the color options are pretty vibrant. They are versatile as well. That is why; you can easily find the color which you prefer.

• Efficient insulation:

The cooler consists of Permafrost insulation. The thickness of the insulation is 3 inches. Due to the 3-inch thickness, it can easily keep the beverages cool for a longer time.

• Sturdy construction:

When you look at the construction, you will realize that it consists of rotomolded construction. That is why it is almost indestructible. The fatwall design further increases durability. In addition to that, it is bear-resistant as well. With all of these features, you can be sure that it is one of the most durable coolers which you can buy.

• Easy to secure the lid:

The cooler consists of T-rex Latches. The latch consists of heavy-duty rubber. As a result, you can secure it entirely. The rubber construction also means that there is no need to replace the latch anytime soon.

• Adequate capacity:

The capacity of this cooler is 52 quarts. That is why; keeping quite a few medium-sized bottles is undoubtedly easy. At the same point in time, it can hold medium-sized bottles if you want to store them. The adequate capacity ensures that whenever you’re going for a camping trip or overnight trip, this cooler can undoubtedly help you.

• Easy to carry:

The cooler consists of the tie-down slots. That is why, during the journey, you can secure this cooler quite easily.

In addition to that, it consists of heavy-duty handles as well. The handles are made from polyester rope. As a result, not only will you be able to get a proper grip, but also the handle is heavy-duty as well. It ensures that even when the cooler is full, you will be able to move it around easily.

• Drain system available:

Another feature of tundra 65 is that it consists of a Vortex drain system. The drain system is entirely leak-proof and rugged in design. It ensures that when you want to eliminate the water from the insides of the cooler, you can do so easily.

The drain has a hole on the inner side as well. It will not take your long time to eliminate all the water from the interiors of the cooler. Also, the leak-proof design means that it is one of the most versatile coolers which you can use.

• Sturdy hinges:

The cooler consists of 2 hinge pins. The interlocking design of the hinges ensures that wear and tear is not a problem. Also, the operation is entirely smooth. As a result, it becomes easy for you to open and close the lid according to your requirements.

The sturdy hinges also ensure that wear and tear is not a problem. You need not worry about replacing any hardware of the cooler even after months of using it consistently.

• Non-slip design:

One of the main reasons why this cooler is so easy to use is because it consists of non-slip feet. It ensures that whenever you are keeping it on any surface, it will remain in place. Even if the surface is moist, it will stay in place.

• Heavy-duty gasket:

The quality of the gasket has a significant impact on the level of insulation. Also, this one consists of a freezer quality gasket. It circles the entire length of the lid. Due to this type of construction, it can block the heat. As a result, the cold retention capacity of this cooler is on the higher side. At the same time, it can secure the lid easily. That is why the contents inside remain entirely safe.

The heavy-duty gasket is wear and tear-resistant. As a result, you can use this cooler for a long time.

When you look at the features of this cooler, you will realize that it consists of almost every necessary features which you might look for in a cooler. That is why; it is such a perfect option. I will now go into the pros and cons to help you know more about this cooler.

Pros & Cons of yeti tundra 65


  • High capacity
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Fatwall design
  • Excellent portability
  • Efficient insulation
  • Non-slip feet
  • Numerous color options available


  • Packaging can be better



The yeti 65 cooler has all the necessary features which you might look for in a cooler. Also, the excellent portability means that you can take it with you wherever you go. The sturdy construction means that you will have no complaints at all. Also, the high capacity means that you can easily store a lot of cans as well as medium-sized bottles in this cooler. With so many features, it is not a good idea to ignore this cooler in favor of another one.

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