How much does it cost to copy a car key?

Many times, you might need a spare car key. In that case, it makes perfect sense to get the car key copied.

Before you contact the car dealership or the locksmith to copy the car key, it is essential to find out how much it costs to copy a car key?

I will answer this question below. Not only that, I will cover the factors on which the cost of copying the car key will depend as well. Once you go through the article, it is easy to understand how much it will cost you.

How much does it cost to copy a car key?

The cost of copying the car key can vary from $1-$10 per piece. This is assuming that you use an automated machine used to copy. On the other hand, when you want to copy a reprogrammable car key, the cost can vary between $ 100-$ 200.

When using a machine to copy the car key, the cost includes the key blank, the copied key, and the labor. Since the machine is used, the cost is on the lower side.

While copping a reprogrammable car key, you will not be able to get the new key instantly. You might have to wait a day or 2.

There are numerous other factors on which the cost of copying a car key depends. I will share with you these parameters below.

Factors on which the cost to copy a car key depends:

The parameters on which the cost of copping a car key depends are:

1. Whom do you hire to copy the car key?

One of the most important parameters determining the cost is whether you’re contacting the car dealership or locksmith.

There are many 3rd party vendors as well.

The most affordable is the locksmith or the car key vending machines. Both of these are quite affordable and will set you back by only $ 1-$ 10.

However, when contacting the car dealership, you can expect to spend upwards of $ 50.

As you can see, whom you hire for the car key will determine how much it costs.

2. Type of car key:

The cost of copping a car key will also be dependent on the type of key you have.

In case you have a mechanical key, the cost is just $10 per piece. You can copy as many pieces as you want.

When dealing with a programmable car key, the cost can be as high as $200 per piece. The general cost of a reprogrammable car key will be between $100-$200.

3. Copying technique used:

The copping technique used will also determine the cost.

Most locksmiths, as well as the 3rd party vendors, will use a machine. In that case, the cost can be only up to $ 10.

In case a locksmith is creating the copy of the key manually, the cost can rise to $ 50 as well.

The copping technique is entirely different when you’re dealing with a reprogrammable car key. In that case, you will have no other option but to pay anywhere between $100-$200. It does not matter whether you’re hiring a locksmith for the same or hiring a car dealership. The cost is generally upwards of $ 100.

4. Whether you go for copying or replacement:

The cost of copping the key is much more affordable. Whether it is a mechanical car key or a programmable car key, the cost of copping is on the lower side.

The cost of replacement, in case you have lost one, is generally on the higher side. In that case, the mechanical one will cost you around $ 100 when you contact a locksmith. If you contact the car dealership, it will cost you $ 200.

The replacement of the programmable key will cost you $ 200 through the locksmith then upwards of $ 250 through the car dealership.

Thus, whether you copy the car key or want to get a new one as a replacement will determine the cost as well.

These are the factors that determine how much it will cost you to copy a car key.

I will now share why locksmiths are the most affordable and easy-to-use options to copy a car key.

Why are locksmiths the most affordable option to copy a car key?

There are quite a few reasons why locksmiths are the most affordable option when you want to copy a car key. I will highlight them below.

1. Automated machine:

Most locksmiths will not use the manual technique. They will often use a machine. They will input your current key into the machine, and it will create a copy. This is, however only possible for a mechanical one.

The automated machine certainly reduces the cost of copping the key.

2. Quick results:

The locksmith can provide you with an excellent turnaround time. In most cases, if you approach the locksmith during working hours with a mechanical key, the locksmith will create a copy within 30 minutes. It means that they do not have to set aside a lot of time to copy the key. That is why it becomes easier for you to get the car key at a low cost.

3. Round the clock service:

Many locksmiths provide round-the-clock service as well. Car dealership seldom provides round-the-clock service.

Contacting the locksmith after the working hours might increase the cost a bit, but still, they are certainly much more affordable compared to the car dealerships.

These are the three reasons why a locksmith is one of the most affordable options to copy a car key.

I will now share with you answers to some FAQs which will help you understand how to copy the car key.


Can you duplicate a car key at Home Depot?

Yes, most Home Depots have fully automated machines through which you can easily duplicate the key.

Does AutoZone make spare keys?

AutoZone sells blank keys for various brands such as Honda, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, etc. It also has machines to cut and copy your keys as well.

Can Ace Hardware copy car keys?

Ace Hardware can certainly help you copy car keys. They have blanks of various shapes and sizes as well. That is why; they can help you with copping the car keys.

Can Walmart cut a car key?

Yes, Walmart also has machines that can cut a key.

Can Lowes cut car keys?

Yes, Lowes can certainly cut car keys. They also have a kiosk that allows you to create a digital copy of the key and save it to the cloud.

So, the cost of copping can vary from $ 10 to $ 200. I have highlighted the parameters on which this cost depends above.

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